opening night
08.30.2018 @ museum of human achievement

Opening Night featuring performances, installations and screenings at the Museum of Human Achievement. 

day 1: film showcase
08.31.2018 @ Austin School of film

Film showcase featuring work by Evelyn From the Internets, Night Glitter, B. B. Araya and more.

day 2: market and panels
09.01.2018 @ Cheer up charlies

Educational panels and market featuring artist talks with OSHUN and a pop-up by craftHER Market.

day 2: music showcase
09.01.2018 @ mohawk

Music showcase, featuring OSHUN, Latasha, Alesia Lani and more.

day 3: babes fest brunch
09.02.2018 @ Cheer up charlies

Brunch by La Pera featuring a candid conversation with Maggie Lea and Tamara Hoover of Cheer Up Charlies.